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The Anglum Name has been a hard name to work with. The very few I have found are all from the same family out of Iowa. It is my belief that the name Anglum had been something else before it was Americanized.
My guess would be Anglin or Anglim. 

At this time I have the family in the 1880 Census but by then the Father was dead and only listed The mother Catherine and the children. My Great Great Grandmother Kate Anglum was already off to South Dakota with Philip Crampton and his family in the Spring of 1880 and was not listed in the census. I also had a hard time finding them listed at all since the surname was spelled Angelum, but all the children and ages match up along with the county.
I know that it is them.

My family has long has the father listed as Francis Patrick Anglum born in Ireland. I have not found this name and have since changed the family history to John Anglum born about. 1810. I have had contact with a member of the Mitchell Genealogical Society to help prove this and have information from them that have Kate (Anglum) Crampton's parents as John and Catherine (McDonell) Anglum. John died in 1862 in Fairview Township, Jones County, Anamosa, Iowa.
I am still working on getting the 1860 census to verify this.



Catherine A Anglum and Philip Charles Crampton


Catherine A Anglum was born October 18, 1852 in Coxsackie, New York. She was the daughter of John and Catherine Anglum and was one of the first to be born in the United States. Later they moved to Iowa where she met Philip Crampton the winter of  1879 or 1880. Philip and his Mother and sisters were passing through on there way to South Dakota and had to stop for the winter in Charles City, Iowa. The next Spring with Kate they headed to an area south of Mitchell, South Dakota to met up with Philip's older brother Tom. They were married and had only two Children Mary Ellen and Katherine Bell. Kate passed away February 4, 1937 and is buried in Emsely Cemetery in South Dakota.


John Anglum and Catherine (McDonell) Anglum


John Anglum was born about 1810 near Limerick, Ireland. There he met and married Catherine McDonell. They had a daughter that was born there by the name of Bridget Anglum. Around 1840 John had saved enough money to bring his wife, child and Sister Helen to America. They wore only six weeks in crossing, but the ship was damages crossing the English Channel and made to dock in Wales for repairs. The MacDonell grandparents persuaded John and Catherine to leave Bridget with then. They then worked to earn money to bring them all to America. The grandparents had become very attached to Bridget they were reluctant to give her up, so she stayed in Ireland with them till a later date when Bridget came over by herself. They later all moved to eastern Iowa where John, David and Michael were born, Inn Co, Stone City. John (my grandfather) died of tuberculosis when Michael was very small, that was 1862.

In the 1870's Catherine sold her little farm at Stone City and they moved to Sac County, Iowa. She died February 21, 1913

I will state at this time, that a person was looking for information on Bridget Anglum and I tried to get in contact with her but her email address was no longer active. As far as I can tell Bridget never met up or at least moved to Iowa with the rest of the family. She started her own family in the New York State area and is buried there.



John MacDonnell and Bridget (Slattery) Anglum


I will add at this point that I currently have three spellings of McDonell,
There is also MacDonnell and McDonald.

John MacDonnell was born about 1795 in Ireland. It has been said that his father was a Baron of Ireland. I have no proof of that at this point. He married a Bridget Slattery, born about 1797, about 1805 in Ireland. They had five children all born in Ireland and they are:

Katherine, John Jr., David, Michael and Mary

This is all that is known of this family at this time.



Kate Anglum Headstone

Kate A Anglum
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