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Ellen and John Crampton

Ellen Brady and John Crampton cir. 1840



The Brady name that I have found in my research derives from the Irish "MacBradaigh". I have found two different meaning of the name, one deriving from the word "bracach" meaning "thieving or dishonest", the other standard Brady meaning "spirited". The Clan Mac Brady was prominent
in the territory east of Cavan City.

At this point what I know of my Brady's comes from a person that I did know ten months ago. Thank you Mike for sharing your work and letting us all have a little back ground into the Brady Family.



Ellen Brady and John Crampton


Ellen Brady was born December 1822 to the parents of Owen Brady and Mary McCarthy in Ontario, Canada. The Brady family had several years before moved to Canada from Monaghan, Ireland. Ellen was the second oldest of five children and was the oldest daughter. Later Ellen met and married John Crampton in Guelph, Canada. There they set up their own farm and started a large family. In Canada they had 11 children before moving to Dane County, Wisconsin around 1864, here they had 2 more children to make a total of thirteen. John then passed away April 1877, and Ellen in 1880 headed west to South Dakota with Philip and the two youngest girls. There they met up with Thomas her oldest son that had moved there the year before to start a homestead. Ellen started her own homestead in her name for Philip since Philip was too young at the time to have any of his own. Ellen then passed away on January 11, 1904 and is buried near Ethan, South Dakota in Starr cemetery. On her head stone she also has John listed with his dates and final resting-place. Ellen's parents were:


Owen Brady and Mary McCarthy


Owen Brady was born about 1790 in Monaghan, Ireland. From what Mike has told me he was a stone mason he and Mary McCarthy, born about 1791, married about 1820. They then moved to Canada about 1824. I think that is may have been before that since Ellen was born 1822 in Canada. They had five children that we know of and are both buried in Guelph, Canada. Owen died April 4, 1871 and Mary at this time we do not have a date.



Thanks to you Mike for the information on the Owen and Mary Brady Family.

Thank you Olivia for some of the dates and photos
of the Brady's and Crampton's.




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