Crampton Family



John and Ellen Crampton Family cir.1866


Thomas Henry, Owen, John F, Edward
 Patrick Henry, Ellen (Brady), Philip Charles, John Crampton, James




Mae and Val Heinz

Mae Crampton and Val Heinz
with Weber Grandchildren



My line of the Crampton's is not very long or deep at this point but has a lot of memories and is one of my favorite families. From me, my closest Crampton is my Great Grandmother, Mary Ellen Crampton. She was born in Ethan, South Dakota on May 8, 1888; daughter of Philip Charles Crampton. I was very fortunate to know her personally as she lived and died in my hometown. We knew her as "Mae", a wonderful lady that had a lot of stories to tell. I wish I could remember them now. When I knew her, she had 60 some Great Grandchildren and she knew every one of them by name.
That is what made her so special.

On September 1, 1909 she married Valentine Frank Heinz son of John and Catherine (Eshuber) Heinz. Mae and Val had eight children; three sons and five daughters. Most of them are living today. Mae passed away in 1981 but has left quite a close, large family behind. Mae's parents were:



Philip Charles and Catherine (Anglum) Crampton,
Daughter of John and Catherine (McDonell) Anglum.


Philip Charles Crampton was born October 24, 1862 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He was the youngest son of thirteen children; seven sons and six daughters. The family moved to Fitchburg, Wisconsin. The Crampton's had a farm outside town where his father John Crampton died in 1877. In 1880 Philip and his mother and two sisters moved west to the plains of eastern South Dakota. After having to stop in Iowa for the winter, Philip then headed west toward Mitchell, South Dakota on the first train in April. He would meet with his brother, Thomas, 20 miles south of Mitchell. Thomas had moved there years before. The rest of the family joined them later. Times were tough the first year they were there, many times not knowing where their next meal was coming from. Philip and Catherine Anglum were wed on September 22, 1886. Philip passed away June 12, 1919. They had two daughters, Mary Ellen and Katherine Bell, wife of Leo Vander May.


John and Ellen (Brady) Crampton


John Crampton has quite a story behind him from my side of the family. It is said that he is the son of a Lord or Earl of England. I have yet to prove or disprove it. Two different descendants, not from my side of the of the Crampton family, have the same story. John was born about 1810 in Ireland. He then moved to Guelph, Canada and wed Ellen Brady. John and Ellen then moved to Fitchburg, Wisconsin and two children stayed in Canada. The Crampton's and the Brady's were both in Wisconsin at the time living not too far apart. As I understand the Crampton's and Brady's were a close family. I will continue to look for John parents at this time and where he was born, I will try to find the missing links.



Philip and Kate Crampton Headstone

Philip C and Kate (Anglum) Crampton
Assumption Cemetery, Emsley, SD


I would like to personally Thank Mike and Olivia for some of the History
 that I have here and Olivia again for the photos that my side of the
 family has never seen. 

Thank you both, Very much.




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