Doug's Family History Book

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1. The Anglum Family

of South Dakota-Iowa-New York-Ireland.

2. The Brady Family

of South Dakota-Wisconsin-Canada-Ireland.

3. The Crampton Family

of South Dakota-Wisconsin-Canada-Ireland.

4. The Fuhrman Family

of South Dakota-North Dakota-Sankt Andrä, Austria/Hungary.

5. The Heinz Family

of South Dakota-Indiana-Koblentz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

6. The Loos Family

of South Dakota-Sankt Andrä, Austria/Hungary.

7. The Sommer Family

of South Dakota-Iowa-Sankt Andrä, Austria/Hungary.

8. The Thüringer Family

of South Dakota-Sankt Andrä, Austria/Hungary.

9. The Weber Family

of South Dakota-Wisconsin-Irsch, Rheinland, Prussen

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11. Liz's Family History Book


Bristow, Carbis, Cole, Coulter, Eitel, Goldsworthy, Harper,
Kammerzell, Lichtenberg, McAlister/McAllister, Merritt,
Murray, Pearce, Schoessler, Treloar, and Weil.

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