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Emmeline (Goldsworthy) Merritt  and her daughters; Alma Henrietta and Everine~1919


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Our Family Descends from Emmeline Goldsworthy...

She married Henry MERRITT 1881 in Redruth, Cornwall England.  Their daughter Alma was born in Redruth 1882.  Henry left Cornwall about 1885 to pursue successful mining in America.  Family history says Emmeline and Alma reunited with him at the mining community of Marysville, Montana USA in 1886.  Marysville, now a 'ghost town',  is situated in the Rocky Mountains; Lewis and Clark County, near present day Helena.  Henry worked in the gold mines of that area, but Emmeline had left back to Redruth in 1892 for the birth of their daughter Everine.  Family record indicates she did not return to the United States until 1893-94 when Everine was 18 months old.  Their third daughter, Henrietta, was born 1901 at Bald Butte, Montana,  very near Marysville.  

After the birth of Henrietta, Emmeline and Henry took up land in the lower Yellowstone River Valley; an Indian allotment, under homestead law.   Emmeline and younger daughters remained at their new home 290 miles east of Marysville while Henry spent much of his time in the mines back at Bald Butte until  his health began to fail steadily in 1908 to which he died at their homestead in 1910.  Family record places Emmeline and Henrietta on a visit back to Redruth in 1913.

Emmeline remarried in 1919 to Daniel Watsabaugh, a newspaper publisher, and was a key figure in the beginnings of the Methodist Church in Laurel.  Emmeline died in 1938; Daniel preceded her in death.  Both are buried aside Henry Merritt at the Laurel Cemetery.                                                                      
-Liz Sommer 1999

Emmeline and daughters  c. 1897

Information for this Goldsworthy page began mostly from memories and possessions of close family members.  Several years since 1999 have passed and more information has been found to substantiate and expand on family memories that were originally told by Emmeline and her daughters.  Details of our Goldsworthy family history have  been found in Redruth census', marriage and birth record.  Much of the census record easily identifies family, but the Goldsworthy name is truly a Cornish original and has very common occurrence in Redruth; especially its past.  This unfortunately adds doubt when discerning absolute fact in some instances...


1871 Cornwall Census 1881 Cornwall Census 1891 Cornwall Census
Redruth Parish: District 03; Schedule 084; GOLDSWORTHY.

John, born 1831-Redruth, tin miner

Elizabeth, born 1832-Gwennap, wife

John, born 1855-Redruth

Nicholas, born 1857-Redruth

Mary E.,  born 1860-Redruth

Emmeline, born 1862-Redruth

Eliz., born 1869-Redruth

Redruth Parish: RG11 2311;  Folio 88;  Dwelling:  Little Sinns; GOLDSWORTHY.

John, aged 50-Redruth, tin miner

Elizabeth, aged 46-Gwennap, wife

Mary Elizabeth, 20-Redruth, dressmaker

Emiline Louisa, 18-Redruth, upholster

Elizabeth Ann, 12-Redruth, scholar

William, 5-Redruth, scholar


Redruth Parish: District 1; Folio 14; page 21;  GOLDSWORTHY.

John, 61-Redruth, farmer

Elizabeth, 55-Gwennap, wife

William, 15-Redruth,son, scholar

The above census transcriptions confirm and expand Emmeline's family as handed down from memory.  Our record from Emmeline's 1938 obituary were her deceased parents, John and Elizabeth and a living brother, William.  Family had memory of other brothers named John and Nicholas.  Also, a sister named "Minnie" who married "Jack Retallick".
1891 Cornwall Census 1891 Cornwall Census 1891 Cornwall Census
Redruth Parish:  District 1; Folio 14; page 22; RETALLICK 

William J. Retallick, 28-Redruth, Tin Miner

Mary E., 27-Redruth, wife

William J., 6-Redruth, son

Thomas, 5-Redruth, son

Emmaline, 3m-Redruth, daughter

Redruth Parish:  District 12; Folio 61; page 7; GOLDSWORTHY; 42 Church Town 

Nicholas 32-Redruth, Inn Keeper, Butcher, Employer

Elizabeth, 27-Redruth, wife, pub

Samuel, 3-Redruth, son

George, 1-Redruth, son

Elizabeth, 7m-Redruth, daughter

Elizabeth Matthews, 17-Lelant, domestic servant

Redruth Parish:  Folio 68; page 26; GOLDSWORTHY;   6 Fore Street (Kings Head Inn)

John, 34-Redruth, Licensed Victualler

Mary, 38-Redruth, wife

John, 12-Redruth, son

Joseph, 10-Redruth, son

James, 8-Redruth, son

Ethel, 7-Redruth, daughter

Lily Davey, 20-Redruth, domestic servant

It appears Emmeline's sister, Mary Elizabeth RETALLICK and family, were living next to parents John and Elizabeth and brother William in 1891.  Between census, marriage index, and memorial transcriptions, enough appears about brother Nicholas to define relation.  However, at this time not enough information is present to determine if the above census information is brother John.  With the term of 'licensed victualler', it is hard to rule out the possibility of determining this as our John.  Family story includes that Emmeline 'owned' a pub in Redruth before coming to America.
1901 Cornwall Census 1901 Cornwall Census
Redruth Parish; Schedule 33, Folio 79, page 6 Goldsworthy, Trefusis Arms, Clinton Road

Nicholas J., 45-Redruth, Inn Keeper, Pub

Elizabeth, 47-Crowan, wife

George, 11-Redruth, son

Elizabeth, 10-Redruth, daughter

Ethel, 9-Redruth, daughter

Humphrey Waters, 18-Redruth, stepson, 

Lily Wills, 18-Redruth, domestic servant


Redruth Parish; Schedule 178, Folio 26, page 28 Goldsworthy, Fore Street Kings Head Inn

John, 44-Redruth, Licensed Victualler

Mary, 48-Redruth, wife

Joseph, 20-Redruth, son, iron miner

James, 18-Redruth, son, iron miner

Ethel, 17-Redruth, daughter, governess

Emily Taylor, 17-Illogan, domestic servant

Fred Rowell, 15-Redruth, domestic servant


By 1901 Nicholas had a daughter born named Ethel.   Cemetery transcriptions of Treliegh-Redruth: Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Goldsworthy, 19 JAN 1893, aged 30; Samuel, their son, 19 DEC 1893, aged 6 years 4 months.  Evidently Nicholas remarried to Elizabeth WATERS in 1894-5.  (Nicholas Jenkin Goldsworthy found in marriage index as well as Elizabeth Waters for quarter of March 1895.)  This would explain the changes in age and birthplace of wife Elizabeth between 1891 and 1901 census'.  Also that Samuel is missing in 1901; and the addition of the stepson Humphrey WATERS.  Nicholas married again in 1903 to Jane WILLIAMS and they are buried together at St. Euny-Redruth.  Nicholas J. Goldsworthy 29 SEP 1857  - 19 FEB 1917; Jane, his wife 11 MAY 1862 - 7 AUG 1929.  Nicholas Jenkin Goldsworthy, Jane Williams marriage index March quarter 1903.)

Emmeline's daughters and granddaughters were known to have kept overseas contact with their Goldsworthy relatives in Redruth.   Elizabeth Louise died in 1977 and in her possessions was found a 1956 address book with two Goldsworthy family entries: ' Willie and Hilda - Wheal Harmony' and 'Nicky and Nita -Bellevue'.   

Emmeline's 1938 obituary states that she had a brother, William residing at Trefula Farm-Redruth Highway.  Family has found many letters of correspondence which reveals William's wife was Beatrice, who wrote frequently to family friends in Laurel in the mid 1940's. Her letters give a return address of North Trefula Farm St. Day- Redruth Cornwall.  She told of life on the farm and WWII.  Also she expressed gratitude for gifts of tea, magazines and sugar from America.

Of note, I have made an inquiry into Doidge's 1866 Directory of Redruth...there is a John Goldsworthy, miner, at North Trefula. Emmeline would have been four years in age at that time. I am curious as to whether this John is her grandfather.

                                                                                                           -Liz Sommer 1999


In 2000, I made an inquiry online to a business owner I ran across when doing an online search under "Trefula".  While we corresponded, he said he had bought his house and property from the son of coal merchant Nicky Goldsworthy.  This kind soul made a trip up the road to tell my story to his neighbors; who then put me in touch with a man in Bristol who was raised on the Nicky Goldsworthy farm down the road.

As if the divine had laid hand,  I was able to contact him in Bristol.  He was as generous as astounded at such a turn of events.  That previous summer, he had returned to his home, the Goldsworthy farm after 50 years.  He visited the farm up the road to find his childhood friend still living there.  There he had left his contact information; if not for this, I would have never found this Goldsworthy connection.  Indeed, his uncle was Nicky, his grandfather William and grandmother Beatrice; the woman from our family letters.  He told of vague remembrances of the packages from America when he was a child.  William had acquired the farm in the 1890's, possibly when his father had died.   This kind soul helped fill in generations from Emmeline's brother, William, to present.  
Thank you.  

Nearly six years from the beginning,  two families are on one tree that nearly a century, an ocean, and three quarters of the breadth of North America had separated.  Now to begin again: John Goldsworthy born 1831-Redruth and Elizabeth, born 1832-Gwennap...

Emmeline Goldsworthy's birth record has revealed that her mother Elizabeth's maiden name was JENKIN.   (Not too surprising as brother Nicholas' middle name has by this time been revealed as Jenkin.)  Emmeline's parents'  1855 marriage record indicates the fathers of the groom and bride are:  John GOLDSWORTHY and Nicholas JENKIN.                                                                                                                                       


1841 Cornwall Census 1841 Cornwall Census
Redruth Parish:  Folio 31; page 11, Fore Street

John Goldsworthy, 45-Cornwall, Copper Miner

Ann, 40-Cornwall, wife

Emeline, 13-Cornwall, daughter

John, 12-Cornwall, son

Collan, 8-Cornwall, son

Parish of Gwennap/St Day) HO107/137 ; Folio 36;
page 5; Rose Menegus; GENKIN

Nicholas Genkin, 45-Cornwall, Copper Miner
Charity, 40-Cornwall, wife
Jane, 20-Cornwall, daughter
Ann, 18-Cornwall, daughter
Mary, 16-Cornwall, daughter
Charity, 11-Cornwall, daughter
Nicholes, 9-Cornwall, son
Elizabeth, 8-Cornwall, daughter
Catharine, 6-Cornwall, daughter
William, 4-Cornwall, son
Abraham, 2-Cornwall, son
Mary Pearce, 65-Cornwall, Servant

Two families who appear to be John and Elizabeth as children.
Nicholas and Charity Genkin appear again in the 1861 Census as Jenkin at same residence of Rose Menegus.  In 1861 birthplace of Nicholas given as St. Gluvias, Cornwall; Charity's birthplace as Wendron, Cornwall.  Pre-1837 marriage record Gluvius:  Nicholas Jenkins and Charity Pearce; 12 November 1814.


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