The Harper Family


The George Washington Harper Jr. Family c. 1923

 Elizabeth Louise, Viola Lorraine,  George Jr., and Everine.


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George's Parentage...

Family account of the Harpers tells that George Washington Harper Sr. was born in Canada 1861.  Leaving Canada, his occupation was with the Northern Pacific Railroad in a supervisory capacity during the late 1800's...This would have made him a young man of about age 22 when the last rail of the N.P. was laid in 1883 at Gold Creek, Montana~connecting the Pacific to the Atlantic.

George Sr. married Elizabeth COLE.  After 1893, they made residence in the budding town of Laurel, Montana.  Laurel sprang up as a community along the newly completed Northern Pacific Railway.  Here George worked as a section foreman in the railyards.  Elizabeth is said to have had a cafe near the yards.  In 1910 George became a partner and president in a short lived implement business in Laurel.  Before Elizabeth passed away in 1930, and George in 1938, they had 12 children:

Jessie, Matilda ("Tilllie"), William, George Washington Jr., Sam, Lucille, Anna, Mary, Mabel, Rosetta, Genevieve, and Steve.


George Washington Harper Jr...

George was born 23 September 1893 in Elton, Montana.  Family recalls him at one time saying that he was born just outside Yellowstone Park, but had never been inside the park.

On 09 December 1912 he married Everine MERRITT in Kansas City, Missouri.  Everine had an aunt,  Louisa (Merritt) FORREST living there.



Everine (Merritt) Harper, George W. Harper Jr., Louisa (Merritt) Forrest c. 1912 


Like his father, Geo. W. Jr. worked for the Northern Pacific.  By his retirement in 1956 he had been employed there 43 years.

After 4 years of marriage, George and Everine moved to Logan, Montana, but returned and made Laurel their residence in 1918.  Their first of three daughters, Baby Harper, was born 19 December 1913; living only one day. Then Elizabeth Louise was born in 1915 at Logan and Viola Lorraine was born in Laurel 1922.  In 1934 Elizabeth married Sam COULTER.  Vidy married James MYERS.


Elizabeth Louise and Everine c. 1920


Sadly, Everine died 22 April 1941.  Elizabeth 24 June 1977.  Everine and Baby Harper are buried in the Laurel Cemetery with the Merritt family.  Elizabeth also buried in Laurel with her husband.

George remarried one year after the death of Everine to Mary BRESE. Mary had two sons and two daughters from her first marriage. She and George then had two daughters of their own. Dying in 1965, George's obituary made no mention of Everine. Elizabeth and Viola were included in the list of his daughters. George is buried in Billings, Montana with Mary.



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