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Al and Eunice Weber Wedding

Alois Francis Weber, Eunice Catherine Heinz
June 11, 1936



The Val and Mae Heinz family is a very large and close family. Over the years we have had many Family Reunions where it was not uncommon to have several hundred people in attendance. It has been many years since I have attended one. But I will make the next one.



Eunice Catherine Heinz and Alois F Weber


Eunice was born October 13, 1912 in Hutchison County, South Dakota. She was the second of eight children born to Mary Ellen Crampton and Valentine Frank Heinz. They grew up on the family farm near Ethan, South Dakota. For a time, Eunice was a schoolteacher for the local Country School. She then met and later wed Alois F Weber, son of John H and Mary K Weber. They were wed June 11, 1936 at the small country Church of Emsely that Val Heinz helped establish. Al and Eunice started their own farm near Dimock, South Dakota and then on to a family. They had seven children, two sons and five daughters. Here they farmed and raised their family. In 1975 Eunice passed away and to us way too soon. 

Eunice's parents are:


Valentine Frank Heinz and Mary E Crampton


Valentine was February 18, 1881 some where in Indiana. At this point I am working on finding out where. To my knowledge Val had two other brothers, Jim and Francis. It still is a mystery why and when he and his family came to South Dakota. Both of his parents are buried in Dimock. On September 1, 1909 he wed Mary Ellen Crampton. They farmed near Ethan and in later years moved into the city of Mitchell, South Dakota. For a time Mae's uncle Jim Crampton lived with them. Val was on the committee for the Assumption Church in Emsley, South Dakota, which is about 20 miles outside of Mitchell. My Grandparents Alois and Eunice Weber were united in marriage in this church. This church is no longer used today but is still standing and several Crampton's are buried there. Val passed away September 4, 1958. Mae went on for many many years after that. Val's parents are:


John Heinz and Katherine Eshuber


John Heinz the youngest of two children, was born to Sabatian Heinz and Catherine Herbst on January 29, 1840, I believe some where near Colbentz, Germany. John had an older sister born about 1822. Around 1863 John and his family moved to the United States and settled in Indiana. John then met and married Katherine Eshuber in Borden, Indiana. Later they moved onto Eastern South Dakota. John passed away July 5, 1922 three months after his Wife Katherine. They are both buried in Dimock, South Dakota.

Catherine Eshuber's father was a sailor before coming Borden, Indiana to live. He cleared the land and built a large log house. It was in this house that Catherine was born. There were four children in this family. The house is still standing and is good repair. Wm. Basing, an adopted son of Ben Eshuber, (brother of Catherine), now occupies the House. Fred never married and the fourth, a sister, married, had a large family and lived in Kentucky.


Sabatian Heinz and Catherine Herbst


Sebatian Heinz was married to Catherine Herbst in Colbentz, Germany. He was a cobbler. To them were born two children, a girl and a boy (John), who was 18 years younger than the girl. Sebastian died shortly after John was born. Catherine had a very hard time making a living. John was 23 years old when he came to America. When he came over they encountered severe storms and drifted far out of their course. It took three Months to make the crossing. It is not known where Catherine came with John or not



Assumption Church

Assumption Church, Emsley, South Dakota




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