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Wedding Photo of Joe Fuhrman and Amelia Loss


Joseph Fuhrman and Amelia Loos

January 26, 1909



After three years and a lot of searching there still is little known of this family. I have found after research in South Dakota that the Loos and the Thuringer families were the first of my family to settle in South Dakota. Johan Thuringer who's daughter Theresia married Andreas Loos applied for his homestead patent about 1878. This is long before the Crampton's that settled in 1881 which I thought were one of the first. Andreas Loos and the Thuringer's were from Austria and I believe at this point they were from the same area which is Sankt Andrań, Austria. The original German/Austrian spelling is Lo▀.


 I have just discovered that Andreas Loos was married twice. The first being Katharina (Tischler) Loos which they had at least three children together and then to Theresia Thuringer and they had at least one, Amelia Loos.



Amelia Loos and Joseph Fuhrman


Amelia Loos was born January 25, 1886 to Andreas Loos and Theresia Thuringer in Douglas County, South Dakota. She had at least three half brothers and sisters from Andreas Loos' first marriage and possibly a full brother and sister. She was in the Delmont area when she met Joseph Fuhrman. They were married in 1909 in Sykeston, North Dakota according to there marriage certificate. They then moved onto a farm near Delmont, South Dakota and lived there till around 1951 when they moved to Mitchell. Amelia and Joe had nine children all together, 7 daughters and 2 sons. I believe three daughters died in infancy since nothing is known of them. Amelia went on to live for several years and died in 1967. Joe then passed away in 1973. 


Andreas Loos and Theresa Thuringer


Andreas Loos was born in 1848 somewhere in Austria/Hungary. His parents are unknown at this time. He was first married to Katharina Fischler (born about 1852) and had at least three children together. Katharina died in 1881 and Andreas married Theresa Thuringer (born 1848) in South Dakota around 1882. They then went on to have possibly three more children which one was Amelia Loos. Andreas was also know around the area as Andrew. Andreas I feel came to the South Dakota area around 1877. As far as I can find he was not in the 1880 census. Andreas passed away in 1906 in South Dakota, and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery neat Delmont, South Dakota. Theresa followed years later in 1937and is buried with him.



Amilia and Joe Fuhrman

Catherine Fuhrman, Sr. Laverne, Andrew Sommer
Amelia (Loos) and Joe Fuhrman



Thank You Mom for making a trip to the library for me and getting some of the information found here. I hope I can count on you again.




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