The Merritt Family


Mining Camp at Marysville, Montana c. 1890.

Henry Merritt is at the very bottom, left.


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Our direct line of Merritt families are known to have resided in Illogan, Cornwall England for over two centuries until Henry Merritt left for the U.S. in about 1885.

I am so thankful for those who have made it possible for me to know this Merritt history.  Researchers in England have spent much time with me.  They took care to find our Merritt family within the extensive research that was so graciously shared.


Henry Merritt...Born 1863, was the youngest of the 14 children of Benjamin MERRATT and Mary Ann CARBIS.  Henry married Emmeline GOLDSWORTHY 1881 in Redruth.

After leaving Cornwall, Henry first took residence in Alabama. It is noted that he had a brother Thomas who resided in Jefferson Co. Alabama. His final destination was Montana. He worked the mines at Marysville, Montana in Lewis and Clark County near Helena. His final residence was Laurel, Montana.

Henry and Emmeline had three daughters: Alma, Everine and Henrietta. Alma and Everine were born in Cornwall and Henrietta in Montana. Everine married into the Harper family of Montana.  Alma married R.J. WILLIAMS, Henrietta married Percy FARMER.

Benjamin Merritt (Merratt) and Mary Ann Carbis...

Benjamin was born 1817 to Thomas MERRATT and Mary PEARCE. Mary Ann CARBIS was born 1818/23 in Penzance to William CARBIS, her mother unknown.  Benjamin's occupation was tin mining, but family history says he was also a Methodist minister. Benjamin and Mary Ann's children born between 1841 and 1863: Benjamin, Mary Ann, Thomas, William, Eliza, Frances, Joseph, Syrus, Samuel, Matthew, Emily, Henry (died), Louisa and Henry. It is believed sons Benjamin and William died in the US. Thomas resided in Alabama.  Mary Ann married W.H. WILLIAMS. Frances married J.H. PENPRAZE. Joseph is believed to have resided in Fryington, Cumberland. Emily married Josiah MAYNE. Louisa married Wm. FORREST and resided in Kansas City, Missouri. It is believed one of these sisters lived in K.C. also.

Thomas Merratt...

Born 1787 to William MARRETT and Ann TRELOAR. Thomas married Mary PEARCE in 1807. At present, nothing else is known about Mary. This Thomas is second cousin, twice removed to the famed Cornish composer, Thomas Merritt.

William Marrett...

Born 1749 to William MARRATT and Dorothy (Unknown), William married Ann TRELOAR in 1773 who was born 1748. Ann died 10 Mar 1830 in Illogan, at present, nothing else is known about Ann.

William Marratt...

Born 1717 to William MERRAT and Phillipa PHILLIS, William married Dorothy (Unknown) who died in Illogan 16 Jun 1762. William re-married to Elizabeth MICHELL.

William Merrat...

Born 1690/91 to William MERRAT; mother unknown, William married Phillipa PHILLIS in 1716. What is known of Phillipa is that she died 19 May 1748 in Illogan. The famed Cornish composer, Thomas Merritt descends from William and Phillipa's son Francis.

William Merrat...

What is known about William is that he died 25 Sep 1704 in Illogan. He had three sons; William, Thomas (died), and Thomas, born 1702.



Buried here are Benjamin Merritt 1817-1871 and his wife,
Mary Ann Carbis 1822-1881

photo is kind courtesy of the current rector of the Illogan Parish Church.



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