A Word About our Project...

In October of 1998 Doug brought home some family tree software...I believe his intent was to get me interested in our computer that was purchased Christmas of 1997 which I resented since the day it came...One evening we plugged in the tree software and began filling in our family history from memory. We had fun and learned a little more about each other. By the end of the evening we had entered over 100 individuals. This was the beginning of no end!

Not only are there now thousands of people on our tree, both of us refuse to give up.

Besides learning about our families, the list of things learned goes on.  I particularly have enjoyed the contact with people, literally, all over the world. I've learned a great deal of history and culture. Obviously, I have to admit learning an appreciation for the computer.

I imagine, to those who have spent years and years on research we probably seem like lucky, maybe lazy, beginners..."if the shoe fits"...although no one can deny that the Internet has revolutionized more than we know.

We value accuracy and detail and have used discretion when including second hand knowledge...documentation will take us the rest of our lives.  Any descendants willing to pick up where we leave off will have loads of direction.

Final thoughts...the materials within are intended for genealogical purposes...
to thank those who've helped us and hopes to help those who find us.


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1999-2003 Kammerzell - Sommer Family History

Last revised: January 11, 2003