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Throughout our travels with on-line genealogy we have found it is customary courtesy to omit living individuals from shared files. (This is why our histories seem to stop at the 1930's.) As with any rule, situations of exception occur. We accept that mistakes and mis-judgments are made by everyone. Accuracy and integrity are important to us. Therefore, please contact us if you see something you do not agree with.

This website is broken out into Three Different books, Doug's Family History, Liz's Family History, and Our Main Book that ties everything together. By doing this, Liz and I can make our books with our own style and not have to worry about trying to keep everything look consistent between the two. 

This web site is using the new technology from Microsoft for Web Embedding Fonts, the program is called WEFT III . This is also now supported by Mac Internet Explorer version 5.0. Netscape has not caught on to the idea at this point and I hope they will soon. They do not know what they are missing.

For our project we wanted a clean but Old World Feel, so we have used some unusual fonts. To view these pages as we intended them you will need Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher. If anything else is used some of the fonts will default to Windows core fonts Times New Roman unless you already have the fonts that we used on your computer. This is one really nice program.

All Graphics on these pages were made by us except the pansy bouquet. If you would like to use them that is fine just let us know. A lot of work went into them. They are all of our family members and then changed to fit the pages. There will be more to come.



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