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Carl Sommer and Granddaughtes

Charles (Carl) Sommer - cir 1940
Flo Hohn, Dorey Weber, Lorraine Sommer, Darlene Sommer



The Sommer family has really been quite a mystery to me even to this day. My Grandparents were not too talkative about their family, or at least I do not remember anything about them. It wasn't until I got my aunt Sister Laverne involved that I finally saw a picture of Carl Sommer, my Great Grandfather. I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally get to see what he looked like. Then surprise number two came today. June 14, 1999 I received a letter from my Dad's first cousin Phyllis, (I got an early Christmas present) A photo of Carl and Liz Sommer. So this is where I will start.



Andrew Charles Sommer and Catherine M Fuhrman


Andrew (Andy) Sommer was born October 26, 1910 in Parkston, South Dakota. He was the second youngest of twelve children. Andy had three brothers that never lived past their infancy, including the youngest Alois. He was born to Charles and Elisabeth (Thuringer) Sommer out on the family farm. He later met and married Catherine M Fuhrman on April 24, 1934. For several years, Andy and Katie lived with Andy's father Carl. They did not have the money to move out on there own. The first several children were born in this house. Later, Andy started his own farm near Delmont, South Dakota about a mile west of his fathers farm. They had four children all together, one daughter and three sons. Andy and Katie farmed until about 1970 when they built their new home on the outskirts of Parkston. One of the sons took over the family farm at this point and is still is farming on it today. For many years after Andy retired from farming he could be seen driving the local school bus. There were not a lot of people in the area that did not know these two characters. On February 5, 1988 Katie passed away. I remember Grandpa telling us that he would not live two years after her. A little more then a year later he got a gift that Katie never had, he got his first Great Grandchild. He was very happy. It was not a year later that Andy passed away, February 3, 1990. Almost two years to the day that his wife died.

And by the way, I have found out that Andrew and Katie were second cousins. They both share the same ancestor in Johan Thüringer. What a surprise.


Carl Sommer and Elisabeth Thuringer,


Carl Sommer was born November 4, 1869 in Frauenkirchen, Austria/Hungary. He was one of at least eight children born to Ludwig and Marie (Klibenstein) Sommer. In 1875 the family came to the United States and then moved to the Plain states of South Dakota and settled near Parkston in about 1877. The Sommer family was one of the first settlers of this area of South Dakota. Here he met and married Elisabeth Thuringer in 1893. They started a farm near Parkston and raised their family. They had twelve children, seven son's and five daughters. In 1938 Elisabeth passed away. Carl then remarried his late brother Louie's widow, Elizabeth on July 14, 1940. In later years Carl moved to Parkston and then passed away on February 14, 1947.


Ludwig Sommer and Marie Klübenstein


Ludwig Sommer was born August 29, 1830 in Walla, Burgenland, Austria. He was the son of Andreas and Theresia (Muller) Sommer. Ludwig and Marie were wed February 09, 1857 in Sankt Andrä, Burgenland, Austria/Hungary. He moved to the United States in 1875 with his wife Marie and their family and Marie's parents, Paul and Magdalene Klibenstein/Klubenstein. The Sommer's and Klibenstein's helped in founding the town of Dakota City and the church of Saint Mary's near Delmont, South Dakota. On the naturalization papers he filed with South Dakota he declared Hungary as birthplace. He died in 1899 and his headstone is located in Sacred Hearts Cemetery in Parkston.

Marie Klibenstein was born in September 05, 1840 in Frauenkirchen, Burgenland, Austria. She is the daughter Paul and Magdalene (Zwickl) Klibenstein. Marie and passed away in 1930 and is Sacred Hearts Cemetery in Parkston.

Paul and Magdalene Klibenstein were a mystery until just now with the help of Rose and Mary. This past June I found their headstone in St. Mary's Cemetery in Douglas County, South Dakota but was unable to connect them to Marie. Paul and Magdalene were also from Frauenkirchen, Burgenland, Austria. Other spellings would be Klibenstein and Glubenstein.



Carl and Elizabeth Sommer

Elizabeth Thuringer & Carl Sommer



I would like to take this moment and thank My father for his assistance on this page and his sister Sr. Laverne for the top photo and the other things that she has given me.

 And Phyllis, thank you very much for the last photo and the history of your family.

And thanks to Mary and Rose on the Burgenland Massage Board. You have opened a new door for me.

Huge Thanks to Michael K . Not only have you taken me back 130years
 but you have given me some very good history.

And thank you Don for helping fill in some of the Blanks.




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