Thüringer Family



Johan and Elizabeth Thüringer headstone

Headstone of Johan and Elizabeth Thüringer

Saint Mary's Cemetery, Douglas County, South Dakota



I do not have a lot of information on this family, yet I have so many on my tree that I thought I should add them. I know that the family is very large and very strong today in Hutchinson and Douglas Counties of South Dakota. I have not had a lot of time to research this family but have still learned some about them. Looking at this information it looks as if they may have been the first of my family to settle in South Dakota. I say this since Johan dies in 1881 and this is about the time the rest started to come here. 

I also think that all these families came from the same area of Austria/Hungary. The area is called Burgenland and this is the only other place I have found the Thuringer name besides the Parkston-Delmont area of South Dakota.



Elizabeth Thuringer and Carl Sommer


Elizabeth Thuringer was born February 20, 1872 in Austria/Hungary to Andreas and  Kathrina (Lunze) Thuringer. She is the only child I have found at this time to them. In 1893 she met and married Carl Sommer. To them they had 12 children. They farmed near Delmont, South Dakota for many years till Elizabeth's dead on February 20, 1938. Carl then went on to marry his bother Louie's widow Elizabeth. Both Elizabeth Thuringer and Carl are buried in Parkston, South Dakota.  


Andreas and Kathrina (Lunze) Thuringer 


He was born September 20, 1838 in Austria/Hungary. He married Katherina Lunze and moved to this area of South Dakota. Andreas died June 17, 1918 and is buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery in Douglas County, South Dakota with his wife Kathrina. 



My other Thuringer Line.

Theresia Thuringer and Andreas Loos


Theresia Thuringer was born  August 28, 1851 in Austria/Hungary. She was the daughter of Johan and Elizabeth (Backer) Thüringer. In 1882 she met and married Andreas Loos. This was Andreas' second marriage. I believe it may have been her second also. Together they had up to three children. Andreas had three from his first marriage. They farmed near Delmont, South Dakota until Andreas' death on February 22, 1906. Theresia passed away later on January 09, 1937. They are both buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery in Douglas County, South Dakota. 


Johan Thuringer and Elizabeth Bacher


Johan Thüringer was born December 12, 1812. I believe at this point it was also in Austria/ Hungary. They had to of came to the South Dakota area before 1880 and settled in and around the Delmont, South Dakota area. He was married to Elizabeth Bacher born June 25, 1820 and had five children that I know of. Johan died December 27, 1881 shortly after moving here. Elizabeth followed on  February 03, 1903 and is buried with him in Saint Mary's Cemetery in Douglas County, South Dakota. 





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