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Nicholaus Weber Family

Nicholaus and Katherina (Fisch) Weber Family

Jacob, Henry, Julius, Nicholas, Margaret, John H

Clara, Mary, Katherina, Johanna, Nicholaus

Anna, Gertrude, Adam

cir 1890



My Weber tree is long and wide thanks to many that have kept up to date on the family. I currently have 1900 descendants of Nicholaus Weber born 1842 in Trier, Germany and relocating to Wisconsin then to South Dakota.

My closest Weber is my mother,
daughter of Alois Francis Weber and
Eunice C. Heinz

That is where I will start this adventure into the Weber family.



Alois Francis Weber and Eunice Catherine Heinz


Alois F Weber was born on September 25, 1910 in Dimock, South Dakota to the parents of John H Weber and Mary K (Weber) Weber. The Weber family was one of the main settlers in this area of South Dakota and the name still is very strong today. Al Weber grew up on a farm just west of Dimock, South Dakota. He was the youngest of twelve children, six son's and six daughters. Al then wed Eunice Catherine Heinz on June 11, 1936 and started his own farm very near where his father had set up the original homestead. Al and Eunice then had seven children of their own. Two son's and five daughters all living today. Al passed away December 8, 1981 on the farm that he originally started in 1936


John Hubert Weber and Mary Katherine Weber, 
daughter of Lutweig and Katherine (Motzer) Weber.


John H Weber was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 18, 1866. John was the oldest of twelve children, six sons and six daughters. John married Mary Katherine Weber, born November 11, 1868, in Green Bay on April 26, 1892. Around 1893 John moved west to the Plains of South Dakota and started a homestead west of Dimock, South Dakota. John and Mary had twelve children, one being John P. Weber that the Homestead went to and then to John C Weber. The Original Homestead had its 100-year Anniversary in the summer of 1993, which I was in attendance. John H. died on September 4, 1930 and is buried in Dimock, Starr cemetery. Mary passed away November 25, 1952. Parents of John H. are:


Nicholaus Weber and Katherina Fisch,
daughter of
Jacobus and Marcia (Thomi) Fisch.


Nick Weber

Nicholaus Weber
cir. 1913


Nicholaus Weber was born October 16, 1842 in Trier, Germany. At this point not a lot is known of him and when he came to the states. He married Katherina Fisch, born May 15, 1845, in Germany and then moved to Wisconsin sometime before 1866. Nicholas and Katherina had twelve children. Several of his children moved west to South Dakota to stake claims during the land rush era. His descendants are still very strong in this area today. Nicholas died November 21, 1918 and is buried in Madison, Wisconsin. Katherina died October 16, 1913 and is laid to rest with Nicholas. Parents of Katherine Fisch are:



Jacobus Fisch and Marcia Thomi,
daughter of
Nicolia and Evae (Tinnes) Thomi.


Jacobus Fisch was born in 1804 in Germany and wed Marcia Thomi, born December 8, 1804, sometime in 1829. They had at least five children but two had died in infancy. Jacob passed away in Prussia. Marcia then moved to the USA and settled in Wisconsin and was laid to rest December 28, 1886 in Greenleaf, Wisconsin.

Jacobus Fisch's parents were Joannes Fisch, born 1774, and Maria Schu, born 1778 and had five children.



Lutweig Weber and Katherine Motzer


Lutweig Weber was born March 30, 1825 in Reinbach, Prussia to Adam Weber, born Abt 1791, and Helen Britz both of Prussia. Lutweig then wed Katherine Motzer, born September 17, 1828, on March 20, 1859 in Germany. They relocated to the United States; I would have to assume in Wisconsin then off to South Dakota where they are both buried in Dimock. Lutweig died on December 12, 1906 and Katherine died March 6, 1903. Katherine was born to Fredrick Motzer and Anna Stahl.



John H Weber Family

 John Hubert and Mary Katherine (Weber) Weber family


1. Katherine, Margaret, Nick, Hubert, Theresa, John P

2. Regina Mary (Sister M Thaddea), John H, Mary Katherine,
Mary Katherine, Helen

3. Ben, Leonard, Alois
cir 1914


I would like to thank Paul J. and several other unknown people in the history of the Weber family.

 And Elnora L. for the Nicholaus Weber Photo and helping fill in some of the blanks that I had on the tree.




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