The Weil Family Of
Beideck "Talovka", Russia...


 John Weil

Born: Johannes WEIL; 03 Jun 1873 in Beideck as the son of Christina Margaretha (LINDT) and Johann Peter WEIL.  In Russia John married  Anna Maria EITEL 26 Jan 1896.  He died 31 Mar 1963 in Billings, Montana USA, and is buried in the Mountview Cemetery in Billings with Anna.  Anna; born 09 Apr 1876 as the daughter of Mary Catherine (WEIL) and Jonathan EITEL.  She died 18 Jun 1968 in Billings.


The Children of John and Anna Weil...


John Weil

Born 08 Sep 1896 in Russia ~ Died 19 Jul 1993 Billings, Montana.


Mollie Weil

Born 23 Dec 1900 in Russia ~ Died 10 Dec 1971 Billings, Montana.


Katherine Maria "Katie" Weil

Born 23 Sep 1902 in Russia ~ Died 26 Feb 1998 Laurel, Montana.


Elizabeth Weil

Born 08 Sep 1905 in Lincoln, Nebraska ~Died July 25, 1999 Laurel, Montana and is buried with her husband at Sunset Memorial Gardens, Billings.

She married Theodore KAMMERZELL .


Amelia Weil

Born 30 Apr 1907 in Lincoln, Nebraska ~ Died 05 Sep 1982 Billings, Montana.


George Weil

Born 14 Oct 1913 ~ Died 27 Jul 1964 Quincy, Washington.


Rachel Weil

Born 14 Apr 1915 in Hesper, Montana ~ Died 09 Sep 1995 Helena, Montana.

Two daughters of John and Anna Weil are current survivors. 


Beideck is the German name for the village of Talovka which is among the Volga River colonies. What I know about the Germans of the Volga River has been included on the Kammerzell family page.

John Weil lists "Talofka" as his origin on his 1918 Record of Naturalization. His declaration of intent made in abt. 1910 in Nebraska also states Beideck as origination. Here though, his departure is stated as Quebec...Daughter, Elizabeth's certificate of marriage states she was born in Ohio. John's 1918 Record of Naturalization says she was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although the states of Ohio and Nebraska do not have a certificate of birth for her, family strongly agrees that the Weil family was in Lincoln in 1905, the year of Elizabeth's birth. I tend to use the 'mis-documentation' on the marriage certificate, as indication that the Weil family one time may have been in Ohio. With a departure into the U.S. as Quebec, this is possibly so. Considering an entry through Quebec, and looking at the dates/places of birth of Elizabeth and sister Katie, tells us that the Weils most likely left Russia sometime between 1903-1904.



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