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➔ Ludwig and Maria (Klübenstein) Sommer headstone


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Ludwig and Maria (Klubenstein) Sommer. - One of the first settlers in this area of Sout Dakota.

I am certain Ludwig is not buried here unless he was move as he died before the church and cemetry were built. Most likely he was originally buried in St. Mary's or on the homestead.

Located in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Parkston, SD.

born Aug. 29th, 1830 in Walla/Wallern, Burgenland, Hungary/Austria
died 1899 on his Homestead near Dakota, City, SD

Maria (Klübenstein)
born Sept, 5th, 1840 in Frauenkirchen, Hungary/Austria
died 1930 near Parkston, SD

Date taken:
June 21 - September 20 2000

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Parkston, SD

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Doug Sommer
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