As of March 24th, 2018, the old site has been retired. If you are looking for those pages, I am sorry. It has not been updated in over 15 years and with sites like Family Search, it was no longer needed and too difficult keep updated. Since 2016, this new site has been my passion, sharing all the photo's and documents that I have collected. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the work I have put into everything in the last 20+ years, and I really hope you enjoy this new site. I have many hundreds more to put up yet, so come back and check regularly.

If you can help fill in the missing people, please please help and let me know.

Doug Sommer

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NEW - Quick Start Guide

To start, you can either type a name, date, place, etc in the "Search" box up at top. You can use the the "Browse" function and browes by several filters, or used the "Advance Search".

If you think you can spend some time identifying individuals, you can email me, if you think you can identify a lot, I can give you an account to login and add comments. My email is in the "About" section at the top