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➔ Ellen (Brady) and John Crampton headstone


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Ellen (Brady) and John Crampton

This is just a memorial marker for John. He died before they moved to South Dakota in 1880 and was buried near Madison, Wisconsin. The cemetery (St. Raphael's) he was buried in is no longer and the inhabitants are not known where or if they were moved to. John is a big mystery as to where he was born, when did he move to Canada, when was he born, etc.

Ellen Brady was a homesteader near Emsely, kitty corner from Val and Mae Heinz home.

Ellen (Brady)
born Dec. 11th, 1822 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
deid Jan. 11th 1907 in Ethan, South Dakota

born about 1810 in Ireland??
died Apr. 23th, 1877 In Fitchburg, Wisconsin


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Holy Trinity Cemetery, Davison county, South Dakota

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Doug Sommer
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