I'm sure Dad was the owner. The reason for that being all the boys were given a land with buildings and the girls land without the buildings. Except Sister Thaddeu, I remember there was talk that her share was given to the Dimock church in funds for the church organ, I don't know for sure if that is true. Maybe Jane would remember. I'm thinking the picture was taken in the late 40's. I remember everyone was excited about the airplane taking pictures. I was born in 43 so late 40's seems possible maybe early 50's. There could be a date on the original, I don't know who has that picture. Wish I could remember more.Web User, 8/31/2016


Grandpa Alois (Al) Weber's aerial photo of his farm.


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This is my Grandfathers Farm. When he got married, his father John Hubert Weber gave him the farm.
I have a lot of memories of this place growing up. Mike and I got into a lot of trouble with him too..

Date taken:
circa 1947

9.75 in. wide
7.75 in. high

Donated By:
Clifford Weber
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